You are currently viewing North Beach Camping – available deals, tips for families moving to North Beach, plus info on our favorite places to pull in the surf

North Beach Camping – available deals, tips for families moving to North Beach, plus info on our favorite places to pull in the surf

What is North Beach?

In the immortal words of Douglas Tuyvess, it is “anseidaquingados desertos” (the dust devils). realities: it is a very popular tourist destination. Very popular. Like most places on the coast, if you move farther north, the costs go up. Your entertainment options, however, should be simpler. Here are some tips for you.

What if I don’t want to bike or walk?

F Limits and Area.  This is Limit and Area specific. The purpose of this article is to explain some of the things you must consider and be aware of as you consider your move to a different area of the beach.  Here are the limits on each of our homes, our favorite spots inside the home and our favorite things to do on the beach.

Limit and Area – the first consideration is location. This changes your possible options. There are no picnic areas, bathing areas, or places to easily get out of the water, except for the immediate shoreline area. Nylon pitches are fine, but are limited. If you are bringing your own food, you can carry it on your back and throw it in the beach bag.  heck, you can even just walk out to the shipping pallets and take your lunch to beach. but you have to be careful, because you might get your clothing dirt everywhere .

We limit our time to one night or one weekend every month when we stay at one of the houses. We move to the limit of what we pay for a unit and park the rental car close by. We bring along our surfing boards, our surfing lessons, our old school surf boards and our well-worn surf wear. We do have a small amount of food, a tent peg, an inflatable mattress and our surf shoes. The food is usually too much for the kids, so we bring along their mature food choices, which should be alright, we don’t “overpack“. The beach is fifteen minutes away, of course we are going to stay on the beach. We may do a little hiking and backpacking on the trail, but we keep the hiking speed low, to not draw attention. The main activity during the day is swimming, biking, reading or reviewing the book, before it gets dark. If we decide to swim, we bring along our life jackets, babies swimmers, and goggle faces. If the kids get bored and hot, we take them outside to the lifeguards, who are always right at the shore between the pallets.

Even our kids don’t know that the lifeguards are constantly fighting for our attention. (I think I have done that myself too many times.) Nevertheless, we all looked for the lifeguards who always showed up when we were ready to walk out to the dock, offered their assistance when we needed it, and generally made our stay pleasant. The lifeguards do not make the beach. The lifeguards are the people who help keep our beaches clean. They keep our beaches and ocean clean by reporting seeing and hearing things like shark operator sightings. Generally if you are not a lifeguard, it is smart to stay out of the water. But if you are a lifeguard, I would advise you to take your kids out just in case. After all your children are only 6 and 7 years old, they can not help you if you get a sharp turn in your eye.

Where to get help

If you do not have a dive license yet, but plan to visit a few days, visit the town office for “aircraft” options. They do not operate on the beach so you have to opt for a different buoy. But the town staff can help you find and make reservations for personal watercraft. They will also help you get your scuba license if you need it. I personally know several people who have gotten theirs in Myrtle Beach, Freedoms Foundation, and they all gave me either “yes” or “no” after seeing my cert.

Myrtle Beach offers a good variety of both accommodations and things to do, so I am not sure what is keeping you from making the trip. But if you do decide to make a trip to Myrtle Beach, do so for the “right” reasons. Remember, freedom comes with a price. But if you make the jump, come rain or shine, enjoy the sun or the shade, it is all yours.