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Portable Camping Stoves: Features and Benefits

What are your favorite features of portable camping stoves?

Many of us have our favorite features of these electric camping stoves. Some of us enjoy the ability to use them for more than one purpose at the same time. We may be able to use them to cook at the campsite while we are relaxing in the evenings. Other people like the ability to purchase variety of healthy food items to cook during the weekends.

Because we like variety in our food, this is a great way for us to buy a camping stove. We are able to purchase more than one stove to choose from. Although we may have to pay more dollars than if we had purchased a single, we may save money in the long run.

Here are some of the most important features of portable camping stoves:

1. Variety of Cooking Utensils – We love the ability to purchase more than one cooking utensil to use at the campsite. We may be able to use them at the campsite for cooking chili, steaks, burgers, etc. One or more of these items can come in handy.

2. Lightweight – Even though we carry a camping stove with us on our adventures, we are always concerned about the ability of the stove to be carried when we get to the campsite. We try to balance the ability of the stove to cook food with the need to be able to put so much camping equipment on the trailer.

3. Class A – Class A is our lighter and flexible version of the portable camping stoves. We can use this stove to cook for a family or for a group of hikers. We may also use it to cook for fish and seafood. The Outdoor Chef Rift is ideal for these kinds of cooking tasks.

4. tilted Piezo – Even though we camp frequently, we do like a bit of piezo in our cooking. This is because it is easy to control the volume of a particular type of food that you are cooking. No problem overtaking a pan full of food if you only use the piezo burner.

So those are the features of portable camping stoves. We also like a tapping rhythm when we are cooking. Another feature we have found great for use in the wild is the Grill Cooking Wheel. You have the ability to control the speed of cooking your food. This is very handy for us when we want to cook meat and fish quickly.

We have found the Piezo burner to be sturdy. The enamel finish does wear off over time. The bottom of the burner is heat connected to the bottom of the camping stove. If you place too much pressure on the bottom, it will sink. The water is also pre-heated by the piezo system. There is something about that that just makes it work better.

The Wood Stove should be considered an addition to your camping equipment. Some of us really like it. You can use it for cooking right through to freezing food. It is a lot like autchng.

Below is a list of cooking utensils and some more built in features. You will need to adapt the list for your individual camping needs.

1. cooking oil – we have found this to be the most economical to buy

2. piezo ignition – our camping stoves are wired for easy ignition by using a light weight metal called spoon

3. lighter

4.andalus harvester – we also use this when we are away for the weekend for brunt days

5.head torch – this is a really useful cooking tool that needs to be held in your hand

6.smoke sticks – for cooking away from camp

7.marshmallow stick – these are best used when you are away from camp on a weekend, so you would need something to hold them in your hand while you are driving to the camp site.

8.flexible camping plates – you will need these to eat on!

9.light side burner – you will need this to warm your food before you eat it.

10.water cozy – for those long journeys

We hope this camping equipment list will help you in purchasing your own tailor made list of camping equipment. If you would like to be different then you can modify this list. You can chop up vegetables and meat at home and bring these to your camping site to cook them. You will need the right kettle to boil your water.