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Top Ten Camping Tips

Camping is increasingly becoming a leisure pursuit of many. The versatile geography across different parts of the world has permitted this leisure pursuit to spread all around the year, and across the globe.

But, (isn’t there always a but?) with these modern advancements, we tend to forget about the basics. So if you’re thinking about going camping, here are the Top Ten Tips to Make It a Recreational Success.

1.Get the Right Equipment

Even if you are planning to ‘rough it’ with only a sleeping bag and simple cooking utensils, you can still afford to bring some of the following required equipment on your trip:

a. Tent b. Sleeping bag c. Ground cloth or sleeping pad d. Personal shelter e. Fishing kit f. Food g. Flashlight h. First aid kit i. Right tools

By knowing in advance what type of equipment to bring, you not only have more memories to bring along with you, but you can also bring along the right equipment, in the right preparation.

2.Bring the Right Food and Drink

On any camping adventure, even if you are just going to the camp grounds for a weekend, you should remember to bring the following items with you:

a. Durable food b. Water c. Cooking utensils d. Metabolism assisting produce e. Toilet paper

Also, it is wise to bring along food that can be cooked individually, like hot-dogs, canned goods, fruits, and some snacks. Avoid foods that are extremely spicy, because this can make you feel ill, or that are processed. Remember the hygiene (cooking) utensils to include a scrubber, dishwashing detergent, and dishwashing liquid.

3. Bring the Right Clothing


o Warm n to t

o Gossamer

o Hot-water bottle

o Insect repellant

o Sunglasses

o Swimsuit

o Tent

o Sleeping bag or sleeping pads

o An emergency medical hit-list

4. Bring the Right Tools

Tools are tools. They either help you or harm you. Here’s a collection of practical and handy tools for your camping trip. Whether you’re planning to build a campfire, explore caves, or do some serious hiking and climbing, you’ll need these camping and survival tools.

a. Flashlight- When camping in the wild it’s always dark. Bring a flashlight and spare batteries to see in the dark.

b. Knife- Make sure you have a knife that fits your hand. This is by far the most important tool to bring when camping.

c. Aanching rod- You can use aanching rodto help you in cutting branches and in bringing down a tree.

d. Flashlight w/ Battery Huston- Go camping without worrying about finding the batteries to power your flashlight. A simple head torch with a spare battery can do the trick.

5. Bring the Right Food and Drink

a. Good meal- Before you leave on your camping trip you should make a good meal. Ensure that you have a high energy meal to sustain you all through the day. Good meal will also include side items such as dessert, socks, etc.

b. Sleeping bag or sleeping pads- Before you go to your campsite, it is a good idea to take along a sleeping bag or a sleeping pad to keep you warm and comfortable.

c. Cooler for drinks- Food should be put into a cooler and be kept cold until you are ready to eat. You can use the extras linen or towels.

7. Bring the Right Clothing

a. Clothes for camping are much different than clothes you wear everyday. You should bring items that are easy to add to, yet are durable and can still allow you to move freely.

b. 3 season jackets- 3 season jackets will keep you comfortable and protected in the cold and snow.

c. 4 season tents- 4 season tents are spacious, strong, and a good choice for cold weather camping.

d. 5+ degree sleeping bags- These are the most popular and are very versatile. They can be used as summer clothes, or as a sleeping bag substitute in the winter.

2.Own a Good Tent

By owning a good tent, you will have a good place to escape when weather outside turns disagreeable.